The 3 step solution to transform your golf swing!


We at The Golf Monk follow a proven 3 step approach to make your golf swing more efficient, more powerful and with less risk of injury. There are multiple 3 dimentional joint movements that have to happen when hitting a golf shot. But there are also areas that need to stabilise. If the areas required to move are stiff, the stable areas can move to compensate instead of stabilise. If this is the case, we dont want to start training strength, power or speed. This is why we analyse, identify, correct and then rebuild which will improve your efficiency and consistency and then we can start with the power!

Golf body analysis and body swing connection

The Golf Monk offers a 16 point full body movement assessment to identify areas that might be restricted or problematic and see how they relate to one, or some of the main 12 swing characteristics. Movement inabilities can cause compensations and effect your swing efficiency, ball striking consistency and dramatically reduce power through your golf swing.



     Correctional Exercises                  

If one part of your body doesn't move efficiently, then other parts will move to compensate, causing you to not swing in the most optimal way. By following a program of correctional exercises specifically for golf, your body will move as it should, stabilise where it should and we'll have you swinging like a pro!



Strength, power and speed training

Identifying and correcting any movement issues should prove valuable to your efficiency, consistency and power in your golf swing. If you still require more distance, this is where the hard work begins. Your strength, power and speed stats will be determined and then dependent upon which area is lacking, we will specifically train you in the area/areas that will give you the biggest benefit of improving your distance on the course.