Nick Richardson has worked in the fitness industry training clients for almost 20 years. He started off building his knowledge and gaining experience in strength and conditioning and for the last 10 years has specialised in biomechanics, injury rehab and sports performance coaching.


His Martial Arts background gave him the ability to learn how to train for speed and power and how to excel in elite level sport. He achieved a National silver medal in Full Contact Fighting, just missing out on a place in the international squad due to a back injury.


His current passion and focus is on golf and his motivation, attention for detail, thirst for knowledge and almost obsessive passion for the game of golf means he has the tools to make any golfer peform better, no matter what their level. Whether you're a complete beginner, playing off scratch or trying to persue golf as a career, Nick will be a valuable part of your coaching team.


Nick is a Titleist Performance Institute Certified coach. TPI is the world's leading educational organisation dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. TPI has studied thousands of golfers ranging from the top professional Tour players to weekend enthusiasts. An incredible amount of data on players of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels has been gathered since it's inception in 2003.


Using this data, TPI discovered how a properly functioning body allows a player to swing a golf club in

the most efficient way possible. Additionally, how physical limitations in a player's body can adversely affect the golf swing and potentially lead to injury. 


Once the body functions effectively, this is where the power training can come in. Strength and power tests will be carried out to determine where your start point is and which aspect (strength, power or speed) is required most for you specifically.